Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby's Bonnet

A wonderful vintage, baby's bonnet hangs in the collection of photos in my stairwell !! This was a gift to your Great G'ma Rose at a baby shower when she was expecting your G'ma Ruth in 1916. A friend to Minnie, Toxey Jones, tatted the little bonnet. The silk handkerchief was another gift at that shower from a relative, Susan Trealor. I wrote down this information that day in 1994 when G''ma Ruth was "showing and telling" as I knew I would never remember those details. She was going to put them back into the box when I suggested she let me take them and have them framed. They were just too precious to not be where they could be seen. After framing, I returned them to her. When she moved to the Eastern Star Home, they came back to our house to stay !

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Tammy said...

And, if you hadn't had those framed the details would have been lost for sure!