Thursday, April 16, 2009

Celebrating a New Job

In June of 1990, Circus Circus opened their new hotel-casino, The Excalibur. I had been dealing cards for the company since '86 and was transferring to the new property. The two nights before the opening, we had "rehearsals" with half of the new employees and a guest treated to meals and playing the games. The other half of the employees were performing their jobs as they would at the opening. The first night of "rehearsals", I was dealing blackjack to fellow employees and their guests. The second night, your Dad and I were the guests and here we are, sitting at one of the bars, enjoying a drink before dinner. CNN filmed a news clip on opening day and within that clip, there is a short bit of me dealing cards at my game. I have the VHS tape that features that clip of my "15 seconds of fame" -- if you blink while watching, you will miss me !! A fellow employee had set his VCR to tape the news that opening night and gifted me with the tape. It seemed I was the only dealer featured on the finished cut of the news item. WOW !!

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Tammy said...

I've never see the video, at least I don't remember seeing it. You'll have to show it to me next time we are together.