Sunday, April 12, 2009

We Three

Our journal, named "We Three", started in 2005, is nearing completion. It has been a thought provoking, creative journey for the three of us and I for one, am happy with the avenues we have traveled !! That was the year I retired and Hilery asked me to join her in an altered art class. I was hooked !! My first pictorial journal was the one I created in memory of your Dad, "The Book of Douglas". Mary, our teacher at many of the classes we attended that summer, was telling us about a written journal that she and her grandson exchanged with each other. I began to think about a creative journal for the three of us to participate in and share. We have each taken turns choosing a theme and created a page around that idea, then wrote a paragraph about it. Of course, I think you two girls are more creative than I am, but, I am more than thrilled with how this project has taken form. Will we do another when this one comes to a close, or will we come up with a new idea ??

Happy Easter.


Tammy said...

Aren't we CUTE together!!

Ginny said...

That, we are !!!