Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My "Green Thumb" ??

When I first saw this brass plant stand, I didn't really like it that much. Of course, at that particular time in my life, I wasn't liking too much of anything. Your Dad had taken this new job which took us away from everything and everyone we had known for 18 years of living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All of a sudden, I was taken to Okinawa and a different way of life. I was leaving family, friends, dogs, a beautiful home and a career in hairstyling plus putting furniture in storage. When I arrived on Okinawa, your Dad had settled us into this little "square" of a house with a few essential pieces of furniture. He had purchased this brass piece as a bit of decoration -- I did grow to appreciate its beauty and with the silk artificial plant ( I would never be able to keep a real one alive ! ), it is a nice addition to my living area. The fern loves the filtered light it receives sitting near the patio window !! LOL

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