Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's Cookin' ??

Despite the fact that Mom taught us girls a lot about cooking and we had Home Economics classes in high school, I still had a lot to learn about putting a meal on the table when your Dad and I got married !! Little did I know that my new husband didn't really care for all the same kinds of foods that I was used to having when I was growing up. I soon learned that he was a "meat and potatoes" man and not willing to give in to any "fancy" meals. What comes to mind is the day I tried a pork chop recipe where the chops were browned and lain atop sliced apples, then baked in the oven. I thought it was wonderful and it was very tasty, but, I was informed that I didn't need to use that recipe again !! Of course, your Dad was not a big fan of pork chops to start with, so that didn't help the situation. The things I didn't know about how long a roast should be cooked or any other basics, I could find in this wonderful cook book that was a wedding shower gift from one of my high school girlfriends. That makes this book almost 51 years old now !! The cover is faded, the pages are worn and aged. I have not turned to it for "help" in many, many years, but, it remains on a shelf in the credenza along with other old favorites.

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June said...

Oh I love joining you here Ginny and its just as if you were telling a story bit by bit and i am a fly on the wall lol. I love all your lovely things, books and ornaments and all kinds of things. Thanks for sharing little peeks with me too
Sending the warmest of hugs across the oceans and airways to you and your lovely daughter
Hugs June xxx