Friday, April 10, 2009

Catch the Light

In the mornings, when the sun hits my east patio window just right, I have rainbows of color inside my home. Most of these light catchers were Christmas gifts through the years from my dear in-laws. The painted butterfly was a gift from Hilery and Adem. I love the butterflies, but, the hummingbirds are my favorites. They always make me think of your Dad. We always had a hummingbird feeder and if your Dad would sit out on the patio wearing one of his bright colored shirts, those birds would come right up to him when he sat very, very still. Those were some of his favorite moments and one of my favorite memories of him.


June said...

Beautiful sun catchers Ginny. I have never seen a live humming bird. We dont get them here int the uk where i am but they are so delicate looking and what lovely memories you have there
Hugs June xx

Ginny said...

June, I wish you could sit on my patio with me and share the sights in real life. Hugs back to you. Ginny