Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lovely Ladies

These "plates" portraying Mrs. Albee, the first "Avon Lady" were awards for sales one of the first years I sold Avon products. The series is called "Four Seasons" and her apparel is gorgeous. They hang in a little blank spot on a wall next to the china cabinet. In Avon history, the company was first known as California Perfume Company and this lady went door to door selling the perfumes. Of course, we know the company grew to be world wide and has more than "just" perfume !! These days, I just dabble with selling to a few faithful customers and buy for myself. My friends love getting the products as gifts. After almost 20 years, I keep trying to give up selling, but, the few people that buy from me, whine and cry as if there are no other representatives to buy from !! AND SO, today, I will submit another "small" order !!!


June said...

Hi Ginny, every time i come here i learn some history :) I didnt know that about the avon lady :) We take the whole thing for granted now dont we? wow you have been doing avon a long while then ? I have been an avon lady .. a long while ago but didnt last long lol. I do love their products though.
Hugs June xxx
ps thanks for always leaving me beautiful comments my friend

Ginny said...

June, I always look forward to your comments and I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I have been selling Avon for almost 20 years. The company is actually over 100 years old. Hugs back, Ginny