Thursday, April 30, 2009

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

This decoupaged piece hangs in the collage of mementos in my entry hall. It is the announcement of your great-grandparents, Burt and Lottie Johnson, marriage in 1912 and was a gift from G'ma Ruth and G'pa Paul. The leftover announcements were found and preserved after G'ma Lottie died. I wish I had asked more questions about events in older relatives lives when they were still around to answer. I must now make up my own story !! Apparently, there was not a "big" wedding celebration for these two and in remembering their "wedding picture", there was no white gown, veil, and bouquet. They may have had immediate family present and the minister of their church perform the ceremony just as your Dad and I did or maybe, they eloped. Late August was getting close to harvest season on the farm, so they had a very short "honeymoon". It's possible Aunt Joan may have the facts -- I will put that on my list of questions to ask her !!

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