Monday, April 13, 2009

Dad's Darts

This dartboard has hung on a garage wall anywhere and everywhere through the years. I can't remember exactly when I got it for your Dad -- in the late 60's, I think. There were years when gas stations and grocers gave out S & H Green Stamps when you made purchases at their stores. You would fill your books with those stamps, then go to the S & H store and purchase your choices of their items with those books. There was a catalog of their premium gifts so you always knew how many books you had to fill for the item you were saving for. Of all the items we purchased using these stamps, the dartboard is the only thing left that hasn't been passed on in donation boxes or sold in garage sales. Your Dad was always pretty good at hitting the bull's eye and I think he rarely walked out into the garage without throwing a dart or two.


Tammy said...

Are the darts where he left them, or has anyone else played?

Ginny said...

I moved one to the bull's eye. Otherwise, they are where they last were played by your Dad.