Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blown Glass Nesting Egg

In "days of yore", these blown glass eggs were used to encourage hens to lay eggs. Placed in the hens nests, supposedly, the girls would produce more eggs !! They were also used inside a sock when darning worn spots on heels and toes. Who darns socks anymore ?? We just throw them away and buy a new pair !! Mom always had a "darning basket" filled with different colors of darning threads and several pairs of socks in need of repair. One never threw out any type of clothing that could be mended and another few months of use available. This particular egg sitting in its little pedestal, measures about 3" tall and sits in my front entry curio cabinet. It was a gift in the mid 70's from one of my weekly clients when I was working as a hairstylist. She told me the egg had belonged to her mother. Vi had no children, knew I had grown up on a farm where we had chickens, so wanted to pass it on to someone she thought would appreciate it.

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