Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crystal Photography

An essay on what Virginia does when photographing glass pieces should be today's subject. Someone would have had a hey-day video-taping the contortions I went through to get a photo that did this piece justice !! AND then, I ended up using one of the first ones taken. This 12" cut glass crystal bowl was used almost daily at Gr. G'ma Rose's home and then again at G'ma Ruth's. It came to me when G'ma Ruth moved into the Eastern Star Home. She kept it in her cupboard with her "every day" dinnerware and always put it in her dishwasher after use. I mentioned to her one time about how beautiful it was and why didn't she put it up in her china cabinet ? - that is when I found out that it was used as an everyday bowl when she was growing up, so to her, that was what it was - just another bowl !! I keep it in my cupboard with my "everyday" dinnerware, put it in my dishwasher after using, and amazingly, it has survived without a chip or crack in it. In my world today, it is most often used only for fresh fruit.

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