Friday, October 3, 2008

In the Pink

It was difficult to capture the delicate pink of this beautiful depression glass, three footed bowl !! Mom and Dad were gifted 3 pieces of depression glass when they married October 2, 1933 - two pink bowls and a green cake plate. When Mom brought out these 3 pieces to hand down to her 3 children, I knew which piece I REALLY, really wanted. Well, my brother had always given me a bad time about Mom and Dad liking me best (the middle child), and I always got the GOOD stuff (like the butterfly wing tray). The truth is, I was never shy about asking "Can I have that? Mom?" AND, the other truth is, Mom and Dad "liked us all "best", just in different ways" !! This is a quote direct from my Dad in a conversation my brother and I were having with him one day on this particular subject. Anyway, that day, I said to Mom, "Let Shirley and Donny pick first". Was I feeling generous, or was I feeling bad because I really did get all the good stuff ?? Shirley picked the other pink bowl which is similar, but, has some beautiful etching on it. Donny picked the cake plate, and I received this bowl. Not the piece I would have chosen, given first choice, but, it holds a dear and special spot in my heart and in my china cabinet.

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