Sunday, October 5, 2008

Doll Carriage

This wicker doll "buggy" belonged to my Aunt Delores, (my favorite aunt of all time), Mom's youngest sister. When talking to Uncle Lawrence after Aunt Delores' death, he asked me if I would like to have it. Of course, I couldn't say"NO" !! At that time, he told me what he knew about it. In the mid-30's, putting Sis (as we all called her), at age 5 or 6, she had seen it and coveted it for her baby doll. My mom and older sister, Bertha, pooled their money and bought it for their baby sister for Christmas. When the buggy came to me, it was in very poor condition, rusty, dried out, wheels falling off and the rubber on the wheels all dried out and broken up. Your Dad took it all apart, sanded, cleaned, filled the rubber on the wheels with some sort of goop, painted and totally refurbished it to look almost like new. Of course, all this takes away the antique value of the piece, but, I was not interested in that value. I wanted it to become what it is - a sweet memory of my Aunt Sis and a perfect home for a "few" of my teddy bears ! Which, of course, is a whole other story !!

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