Monday, October 20, 2008

Still Rockin'

I purchased this little antique "sewing rocker" at an antique mall in Des Moines, Iowa about 30 years ago, give or take a few years ! In the Johnson family was this cutest little oak rocker with arms that all of the Johnson kids rocked themselves in. I loved that little rocker - it went to brother, Tim, and I believe his daughter, Lisa, now has it. When I saw this one, I HAD to have it ! There was a story that G'ma Ruth told me about your Dad sitting in their little rocker, rocking away, and singing that he wanted to grow up to be a bum !! "Bums" back in the 30's and 40's were actually men that "rode the rails" (hitching rides in freight cars) looking for work along the way to support their families. A railroad passed along the farmstead where your Dad grew up and "bums" were sited very often. MY dad was one of those men that rode the rails ! Being a "bum" was not a bad thing !

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Tammy said...

I don't remember THE rocking chair.... wish I did. Yet another story I never knew! Thanks!