Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For the Berries

This pretty little pressed glass "dish" measures about 9" long counting the handles. Another one of my Mom's special things brought out only for special dinners cooked for special guests !! Mom and Dad "traded" Sunday dinners with a couple of sets of friends through the years. Friends I remember most were Elmer and Luella Watson and Ralph and Cleo Hitsman along with their children. These were families that at some time in Mom and Dad's early years together, were neighboring farmers and they had become close friends. Luella and Elmer's children were younger than me, but, had the neatest toys. Cleo and Ralph's kids were teenagers so they were awesome to me. It was always a BIG deal to plan and cook for this Sunday noon meal -- cleaning the house, getting all the "good" tablecloths, dishes and silverware out and ready, preparing 2 or 3 choices of desserts the day before -- I mean, REALLY BIG DEAL ! It seemed the gals always tried to outdo what the other one had done the time before ! This dish usually held jellied cranberry slices. It was just the right size. I have used it for the same thing for just us, because we were special, too. It now has it's place of honor in my china cabinet. Oh yes, I forgot ! I think Cleo's windows were always more sparkling than ours !!

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Tammy said...

How fun is THAT? I can imagine everyone scurrying about cleaning and cooking. Grama's kitchen, one of my favorite places EVER!