Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Pitcher

This little crock pottery pitcher's history falls to my Dad's side of the family. It belonged to his Grandmother Moege and then his mother, my G'ma Schultz. I can picture it being used for REAL cream on the breakfast table. Back in "the day" of unknown cholesterol culprits, everyone used cream in their coffee and on their oatmeal. The farmers always had cows to keep the families in milk products, which included making their own butter and cottage cheese. Plus, there was always cream left to sell to the city dairy to process and resell. This was a source of income to keep the household running, even in my generation. The "cream man" came by the farm twice a week and the "egg man" (Clarence was his name) came once a week to buy our produce. "Milk and egg money" paid for other groceries and many other needs and pleasures for the family. The pitcher measures about 4" high and holds it's place of honor above my kitchen cabinets.

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