Sunday, October 26, 2008

Top Dog

As a farm wife in the 40's, my Mom's social life was limited. Of course, all the surrounding farm families knew each other and their kids played together on occasion, but, the women rarely had "morning coffee" together or went to someone elses home for an afternoon visit. Farm families had too much work to do !! BUT, this one holiday season in 1944, I remember vividly, Gladys Oviatt, a farm wife friend of Mom's, invited several neighbor wives and their children to her home for an afternoon "Christmas Tea". Everyone was to bring a 10 cent wrapped "grab bag" gift. These were placed into a pretty decorated basket. Some little games were played, tea and cookies were served, and everyone "grabbed" a gift from the basket. I grabbed my gift, excited to open it and see what it was. It was a potholder !! I must have had this hugely disappointed look on my face as the woman sitting next to me opened her gift and it was this cute little dog figurine - I don't remember that woman's name, but, I have always remembered her saying "Oh, you got just what I wanted. Would you like to trade?" And so, when I look at this little guy with his umbrella cane and top hat, he brings me a memory of kindness and sharing, never forgotten.


Tammy said...

Can we publish your blog when your done?


Ginny said...

WHEN will that be ? I don't see an end at this point in time. Too many things, too many memories, so little time !!