Thursday, October 9, 2008

In The Air

I came across this photo when searching for the family snapshot with Uncle Ernest in his uniform. A memory was jogged !! My FIRST airplane ride ! This picture was taken in an alfalfa pasture on the farm where I grew up. This airplane buzzed our farm and then landed in that pasture one day in 1953. When the pilot descended, it was my Uncle Bob. (Mom's baby brother). The plane was a 2-seater and he had his best friend, Jason, with him. They had both taken flying lessons, bought this airplane together, and were taking a cross country trip, stopping to see everyone they knew along the way. Of course, the entire family was invited to have a ride. Us kids were so thrilled and excited to get to actually fly in an airplane. WOW ! Remembering back, I am not so sure Mom and Dad were so excited about it, though. Mom took the ride, but, my Dad didn't ! He said "A man's feet belong on the ground". Dad never traveled by air his entire life. Uncle Bobbie was somewhat of a rebel in his younger days - -he came to visit one time, riding his Indian motorcycle across country, along with that best friend, Jason, also. Had my first motorcycle ride with Uncle Bob, too ! In the photo, that's me on the left, sister Shirley on the right, and baby brother, Donald.

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Tammy said...

Another story I never knew!!! How fun that must've been!