Thursday, October 30, 2008

For the Jam

Capturing the beauty of vintage glassware has become a huge challenge ! After at least 150 shots of this little 5" pressed glass dish, as usual, I ended up with one of the first ones taken !! This was another dish brought out for those "special" dinners for "special" friends. It was usually filled with some of Mom's homemade strawberry jam to slosh onto those fresh homemade baked rolls or biscuits served with that Sunday "dinner" ! Yummy !! One particular Sunday dinner remembered - Cleo and Ralph were invited. Of course, the children were always part of the package, but, as teenagers, their children usually had other plans for their day. 18 year old son, Dwayne, came along one particular Sunday as he had a brand new car to show off - --a 1950 Studebaker convertible. Freshly graduated from high school, starting a new job at the Firestone tire factory in Des Moines, he was in the money and proud. After dinner, Dwayne put the top down on that convertible, we three kids piled in with him and off we went for a Sunday afternoon drive. Good food, good friends, hair blowing in the wind of that first ride in a convertible. A fun afternoon with a teenage boy ! What more could anyone ask for ? This day has always been a reminder of how short and precious life can be. It remained in my memory as it was the last time we were to see Dwayne. A few months later, he was killed in a factory related accident.

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Tammy said...

Wow. Something else I never knew about. How sad.

It's funny how many memories can be related to a few 'pieces'.

I also think you had a pretty special childhood!