Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Garden Fresh Radishes

During the 70's, our Christmas gift from P.M. and Ruth, my wonderful in-laws, was always a generous check enclosed within a beautiful Christmas card. More often than not, included with this generosity was a family heirloom of some sort.. This little "radish bowl" and "salts" bowls ensemble, was one of those gifts. They came from your Great G'ma Lottie's collection of special things. I remember as a newlywed in 1958, having lunch at her home and these were part of the table setting. The large ( actually, quite small) bowl was filled with radishes, fresh from her garden. The tiny bowls filled with salt to dip your radish into, sat at each person's setting -- Now, that little bowl of radishes emptied quite quickly, but, G'ma had plenty more cleaned to refill it ! There was then and still is, nothing tastier than vegetables, fresh from a family garden ! Well, one exception -- G'ma Lottie baked those wonderful cinnamon rolls that I became aquainted with that day !!

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Tammy said...

I have this out in my kitchen the 'special things' cabinet. So, how do we get the cinammon roll recipe from Aunt Joan????????