Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Summer Evening

Almost all old farmhouses had a front and back porch, some were enclosed, some were screened, some were open. After a hard days work and evening meal, the family would sit out on the front porch for a little relaxation and remembering of the day, talking about tomorrow, or just quiet time. The screened porches served as a place to set up a cot and sleep on a hot summer night. G'ma Lottie made this piece from a "porch post" of the old farm house that your Dad grew up in. She lived in this house as a newlywed, as did her son, G'pa P.M., and then his daughter, Aunt Joan. The farm is registered as an Iowa Century Farm, being in the Johnson family over 100 years. The old house was demolished when a new one was built sometime in the 70's. Originally, this piece had a big candle atop it. It became very faded over the years and I just recently removed it and have just the silk flowers on it. It sets in a corner at the top landing of my stairwell.

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Tammy said...

Back in the day, when you could be entertained by friends, family, good conversation and stories. Imagine that! Sounds pretty good about now.